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Timbaer baut Ski für Bogner

Timbaer builds skis for Bogner

The world-famous Bogner brand, whose founder is a skiing legend, presented a limited-edition unique ski for its 90th anniversary. Designed and built by Timbaer in Appenzell.

The result is a new edition of Willi Bogner Sr.'s Olympic competition ski from 1936, limited to 90 pieces, and was recently presented. Limited to 90 pieces as Bogner celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2022. The project was initiated by Frank Wörndl, slalom world champion from 1987 and head of hardware at Bogner. It was his idea to develop a new edition of Willi Bogner Sr.'s legendary ski. In Timbaer he found a competent partner for the sophisticated conception and realization of this retro ski.

The unique skis, numbered from one to ninety, are delivered to order together with an equally exclusive felt ski bag and a pair of carbon ski poles. This unique craftsmanship also comes at a steep price: CHF 4,290.

As a small but ambitious company from Appenzell, we are proud to have realized such a prestigious project together with a global brand.

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