Timbaer –
the ski unicum from
Test Timbaer skis
Handmade unique pieces with a patented core

Timbaer - a small play on words with a big meaning: With the combination of the English "timber" as an umbrella term for woodwork of all kinds and our heraldic animal, the Appenzell bear, we refer to the building material and the origin of our unique skis.

The brand stands for high-quality material, high-precision craftsmanship and the bond with our homeland. Timbaer comes from the English «timber» and the Appenzell heraldic animal.

From the heart of Appenzell

Timbaer skis are developed in the heart of Appenzell and manufactured by hand. It was clear to the two founders in 2016 that nobody was waiting for them - but they also knew that their skis would be something completely new. A ski that has never existed before.