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Timbar: Danke Sepp!

Timbar: Thanks Sepp!

"It felt like something out of a fairy tale when the operator of the ski hut on the Ebenalp offered to rename the ski hut Timbar." says Dano Waldburger, co-founder of Timbaer.


On November 13, 2021, the 92nd Annual General Meeting of the Brülisau-Weissbad ski club took place in the Ebenalp mountain restaurant. We, Andreas and Dano, were also part of the party as members of the ski club. After the official processing of all agenda items, a convivial evening was heralded as usual. Late at night, Sepp, the host, sat down at the large table with the last remaining members. True to the motto: "One should celebrate the festivals as they come" , some good business ideas also emerged in a cheerful atmosphere. And before we knew it, Sepp suggested that the ski hut right on the edge of the piste could be renamed Timbar . Even before our eyes started to glitter, we hit it off with the words "You don't have to offer us that twice!"

Said and done. As agreed, the baptism of the Timbar took place on January 15, 2022 in a small group of acquaintances and with musical accompaniment by the director of the Appenzeller Kantonalbank. Without any big announcement, the first legends were born that evening, which we will still tell each other in old age.

Of course we look forward to many more such stories from the Timbar and great skiing experiences on the slopes of the Ebenalp.

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